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Enviro delivers Hazmat Spill Response training programs as an investigative approach to spill response, prior to the incident occurring. Enviro trains personnel on real-time planning and characterization of Hazardous Materials, with a guide to how the incident will happen, versus conventional training programs that only focus on how to prevent the incident from occurring.

Here are some of the responses from the “Awareness & Responder Courses” students.

How does this course compare to other courses you have attended? “…this is an excellent course for supervisors and managers…” “Instructor was very well versed and informative” “Great instructor! Very informative at the right pace”

What part of the course did you find most informative? “How little our company is prepared in case of a spill” “the different responses for different types of chemicals hydrocarbon vs water soluble chemicals” “The analysis of the containers and the effects of different chemicals”

Would you like to see this course presented more often? “YES…training the complete brigade” “Definitely…to help point out certain trouble areas better understanding on chemicals on-site” “YES…due to specific chemicals on-site”

Are there any parts of the course you would like to see more information on? “No…Found for a one day course there was plenty of information given.” “Yes…Recycling options available in the area ” “Specific hazard recognition at our site response options” “Based on this One Day course, I would love to take the Three Day, hands-on “Operations Level” course.”

How does this course compare to other courses you have attended? “It supplemented and complimented other programs” “Good, knowledgeable, interactive” “Very informative very condensed.” “this course showed I have work to do in being ready (proactive) in case of a spill” “A lot of fun with information! well taught, clear.”
Enviro Hazmat
Head Office:
252176 Township Road 280
Beiseker, AB T0M 0G0
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Mailing Address:
Box 328
Beiseker, AB
T0M 0G0
Phone: 403-947-2245 | Fax: 1-888-799-5390
24/7-Emergency Number: (403) 236-4901, Toll Free: 1-866-249-7583
Enviro Hazmat Emergency Response Inc. is a Southern Alberta based company that also services British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Enviro Hazmat's primary focus is on hazardous and non hazardous Emergency Response, Hazmat/Spill response, waste management, site decommissioning, E.C.A. (Emergency Compliance Assessment), site assessments, Hazmat/safety training, and the ongoing development of new technologies. Enviro Hazmat emergency response areas of market focus includes municipal fire departments, government, transportation, industrial facilities and the oil and gas industry.