Pneumatic Sewer
Pipe Plugs

Sava 8"-16" AND Sava 6"-12" Multi-Size Inflatable Pipe Plug. These plugs are moulded of special NR-SBR rubber, reinforced with Kevlar tire cording. All plugs are test-designed at three times their working pressure Enviro Hazmat will install these emergency sewer line plugs in instances where the sewer system may be threatened by a release of contaminate in a water way, or conversely, the pneumatic plug may be used to convert a catch basin as a holding cell for contaminate flowing from a surficial release.
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Enviro Hazmat
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252176 Township Road 280
Beiseker, AB T0M 0G0
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Box 328
Beiseker, AB
T0M 0G0
Phone: 403-947-2245 | Fax: 1-888-799-5390
24/7-Emergency Number: (403)236-4901, Toll Free: 1-866-249-7583
Enviro Hazmat Emergency Response Inc. is a Southern Alberta based company that also services British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Enviro Hazmat's primary focus is on hazardous and non hazardous Emergency Response, Hazmat/Spill response, waste management, site decommissioning, E.C.A. (Emergency/Environmental Compliance Assessment), site assessments, Hazmat/safety training, and the ongoing development of new technologies. Enviro Hazmat emergency response areas of market focus includes municiple fire departments, government, transportation, industrial facilities and the oil and gas industry.