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Emergency Response Plans

To build the ERP, ENVIRO HAZMAT E.R. INC. provides the following services in conjunction with the ENVIRO HAZMAT E.R. INC. Emergency Response Services:
  • • Development of an ERP(Emergency Response Plan), to enhance the effectiveness of on-scene activities
  • • Emergency Response-pre, during, post development and implementation
  • • Review environmental activities as required per incident
  • • Waste Characterization-Repackaging-Transport-Disposal
General Scope of Activities: The methodology is based on research, compilation and coordination of data for the client to acquire the following research information from:
  • • The clients current plans
  • • Government Agency involvement per region
  • • Availability of current response industries within the local potential impact zones, ie.(MVC’s)
The research data for each location and routing may include, but not be limited to the following:
  • Client Chain of Command – Flow chart
  • Communication – Administrative and Field
  • Impacts – Responder and/or Public
  • Systematic Coordination (integration of existing plans? Have they been validated?)
  • Chemical Identification (Atmospheric, surface and subsurface) (MSDS’s)
  • Critical Zones & Access Points
  • Emergency Response Time Lines – Enviro Hazmat, including all levels of agencies and contractors Local Industry Response Contribution (ie. Vac units tankers and styles, Excavation, Trucking, Storage Tanks)
  • Mapping –Matching response timelines
  • Area Resources – Extent and Level of Agency Involvement
  • Response Capabilities
  • Public Exposure, media control measures
  • Requirements Extracted from the Client
The data for each location and routing may include, but not be limited to the following:
  • • Information of all routings
  • • Chemicals transported or stored on site
  • • Accompanying MSDS’s
  • • If chemicals are transported:
    • - Point of origin (location, address, contact information)
    • - Point of Destination (location, address, contact information)
  • • Sample of current emergency response plan/procedures to be integrated
  • • Primary contact information for all potential risks
  • • Current spill response trained personnel (site, regionally, corporately)
Upon obtaining the required information, Enviro Hazmat will compile, organize and coordinate the data with the client prior to final print and electronic distribution of the ERP manual.
Enviro Hazmat
Head Office:
252176 Township Road 280
Beiseker, AB T0M 0G0
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Mailing Address:
Box 328
Beiseker, AB
T0M 0G0
Phone: 403-947-2245 | Fax: 1-888-799-5390
24/7-Emergency Number: (403) 236-4901, Toll Free: 1-866-249-7583
Enviro Hazmat Emergency Response Inc. is a Southern Alberta based company that also services British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Enviro Hazmat's primary focus is on hazardous and non hazardous Emergency Response, Hazmat/Spill response, waste management, site decommissioning, E.C.A. (Emergency Compliance Assessment), site assessments, Hazmat/safety training, and the ongoing development of new technologies. Enviro Hazmat emergency response areas of market focus includes municipal fire departments, government, transportation, industrial facilities and the oil and gas industry.